“There is great support from Hannah Dean as Terry”, The Stage

– Paul Vale, The Stage

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Extremities – Published Thursday 21 April 2011 at 16:11 by Paul Vale

“There is great support from Hannah Dean as Terry”

A physically demanding play, Extremities offers a complex and thoughtful argument about the nature of revenge and the value of real justice. Written in the early eighties for an off-Broadway stage, it foreshadows the rise in stalking, which is currently the fastest growing crime in the UK.

Epsilon has successfully transplanted William Mastrosimone’s carefully-crafted play to the British commuter belt, and director Rob Stuart ensures that neither the atmosphere or pace suffers with the move – a task made easier by a talented ensemble of actors.

Angela Bull is particularly good as Marjorie, walking that fine line between victim and assailant, without resorting to histrionics or melodrama. Bull’s is an even tempered performance that is both provocative and engaging. There is great support from Hannah Dean as Terry and Kas Darley as the pragmatic Patricia, the flatmates who are drawn into Marjorie’s situation.

John Schumacher is excellent as the improbably named Raul, who is in turns both pitiful and frightening. The violence between Marjorie and Raul is particularly well handled, and credit should go to fight designer Lewis Penfold for some excellent attack scenes throughout the play.

Jessamy Willson-Pepper’s design has depth but no texture, and a flimsy construction is much more noticeable in this violent play.