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“Captivating, fresh interpretation of classic”

– Rebecca Paton,

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by Rebecca Paton for remotegoat on 28/11/10

Ibsen’s The Doll’s House was written almost 150 years ago. Its central message about the role of women in society, as mothers, wives and objects of desire continues to be relevant, though its conclusion may be less shocking to audiences, today.

Nora could be any “yummy mummy” in her early 30s, with three perfect children, living in a perfect house, with a career-driven husband who idealises and objectifies her. Nora’s world is brought into sharp focus when a less than honestly acquired personal loan comes to haunt her. Driven into near madness by the impending reckoning, she is forced to confront her worst fears and in doing so is able to make a decision that will change her life forever.

Director Alex Crampton’s interpretation of this classic is to be commended for its ingenuity and freshness. Nora’s story is well-known and to bring it up to date she has added a third dimension – a chorus of three women whose spooky tailing of the “little songbird” accentuate Nora’s fragile state of mind as she confronts her inner demons.

Gina Abolins has skilfully captured the femininity, fragility and stubborn pride of Nora’s character. As a lead, she is mesmerising and versatile. Emma Deegan as Kristine was brilliantly downcast and patient – drawing out the contrast between experience and naivety. With such strong, definitive casting for the female leads, it was not clear why the director chose to cast a (relatively) young man for the necessarily older role of Dr Rank. The unfortunate consequence was that the true dynamic between Nora and the doctor was not always obvious.

Space Productions have artfully realised Nora and Torvald’s “Doll’s House”. Audience members have a fly on the wall’s view in a space that is beautifully decorated to evoke the indulgent and pampered world Nora inhabits. The attention to detail continues in the period costumes, inspired puppetry, and the chorus who shadow Nora’s moods.

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Hannah Dean

Hannah acted in her first TV commercial aged 4, and has since performed in theatre and TV worldwide. She began her training at King Slocombe School of Dance in Cambridge and went on to complete a BA Hons in Performing Arts at Middlesex University. Most recently she received an MA Acting at Arts Education in London.

Hannah’s skills include dance, singing, stage combat, puppetry, choreography and sailing.

Hannah currently lives in London.


A Dolls House | The Space

Space Productions presents an innovative and powerful adaptation of Ibsen’s classic play, A Doll’s House. Hannah Dean is playing the role of The Maid, Chorus, Puppeteer and Choreographer.

A Dolls House, at The Space, London. Wed 24th November – Sat 4th December (excl. Monday) at 7.30pm.

Click Here for Tickets.

Actress Hannah Dean in A Doll's House

A Doll's House